Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fall back into Summer!

Wow! Gorgeous doesn't describe how wonderful the weather is right now and if I didn't see the beautiful colors on the trees I would be tempted to think it was spring or early summer!

I will try to get some pictures posted tomorrow. To anyone who doesn't believe in God the Creator of all this magnificence... I can only say OPEN YOUR EYES!!!

I have done some thinking lately about what I would like to be doing for the rest of my life and what I came up with is pretty far out there. Well maybe not for me; however, for the regular 9-5 career minded folk it would certainly be on the verge of crazy.

I would like to have a ministry to reach adventure lovers. Adventure Racing, White Water Sports, Endurance Events, etc... A ministry that shares the Gospel with those who are into extremes and channels their passions, focus, and energy back to the One who gave it to them. There are so many who invest time, finances, and energy into pursuing their passion for adventure and I would love to see them touched by the Truth and take their passion to the rest of the world through their endeavors. God knows my heart!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Just a little Catchin' up!

Saturday the kids and I were up at 7 and at the car repair shop by 8:30 to get the car fixed. We walked to McDonalds from the Lake County Tire shop and waited there until Mark called me to let me know what was going on.. It turned out that I needed to have some major work done and it looked as if it might be covered by my warranty. So we walked back and I tried to contact the warranty company and we finally figured out we needed to get it into the Hyundai shop for the repairs. Since I was so close to the end of my warranty (by less than 100 miles!), I didn't want to drive any more than I had to!! We went from there to the Sign of the Dove to collect the bags of groceries from people who were dropping them off and also to help Alma decorate for the Fall season. We were at the church from 10:30ish until after 5:00 pm with a small break where we went to the neighborhood to collect the bags we had distributed the week before for ShareFest.
Oh, and Jennifer agreed to be in the Christmas play so she has practice every Saturday now from 3:30 -5:00. At 5:00 we went with Stephan Baily to Village Church of Gurnee to deliver all the food we had collected so far (635 pounds!). Then we ran over to the PetSmart to get crickets and to Target to make a return. By then it was after 7pm and I was tired, cranky and just plain beat!

Sunday I woke up all congested and missed first service. After second service the kids and I went directly back to Village Church to deliver all the food bags that people had brought to church with them that morning. Our total weight was 935 pounds!!
We stayed there in the rain and help sort food and load boxes to put on the truck (Northern Illinois Food Bank) until almost 6pm. We were wet, cold and tired but ended up heading to Michaels for Jennifer to look for something to decorate her boots with and then to the Card & Party Store to look for a stuffed animal net. All in all the trips were not successful. Then Jared asked me to come and help him with his computer and DBI Final and so we dropped by his apartment and tried to get him straightened out and after an hour or so realized I had done all I could short of doing it for him and we left there. We finally made it home around 9:30 and got snuggled into dry clothes and had family devotions and went to bed fairly early.

Monday was another crazy day of go-go-go! Jordan had skateboard lessons, Jennifer had Volleyball practice.

I had a call to pick up a bag that was not picked up on Sunday and then Jared called again in a panic. (His class and final were due at 7pm) I had a ton of phone calls to make and take and so before I knew it the day was gone and I was still feeling like I had a million things to do. One of the calls was about my car that needed to go into the dealership and I found out that they couldn't look at it until Wednesday. Uh-oh! I was afraid that I would go over my miles so I called my friend Wanda Siler to catch a ride to work Tuesday.

So Tuesday I didn't drive my car at all and the kids just stayed home all day. I didn't get home until 5:30 because Wanda works 9:00-5:00 and so after I got home and helped the kids with school work it was time to go to DBI. I stayed busy all day Tuesday at work and didn't even email or stay online because I was so far behind.

Wednesday I took the car to the dealership to drop it off at 6:45am and by 8:00am I was driving to work in a rental car waiting to hear what would happen with my car repairs. The good news came around 10:30 that the work was all covered by the warranty and I shouted "Praise God!!" They weren't sure how long it would take so I kept the rental all day. I drove down to Fox River in the afternoon to meet Anne Tronetti so she could use the four day bonus stay there for us. We had too many commitments this weekend. Tonight Jennifer has Volleyball game at 4:30. Friday night prayer 7-9, Saturday morning, When We Pray, and I am leading PrayKids!, and Saturday afternoon Jennifer has Christmas play practice from 3:30 till 5:00. So we offered to let Anne and Darlene Rajala stay and enjoy the resort. I pray they are blessed.

Praise Report
I need to backtrack a little…
Tuesday night I had gotten a call from a lady who wanted to freecycle a bookcase and I was really interested in it for the kids to use in the basement for their games etc. So she said it was mine if I could pick it up Wednesday. Well, when I asked if she thought it would fit in my car she said no but I went on faith and told her that I would find a way to get it to my house. Remember, my car was going into the shop first thing in the morning and the rental I reserved was an economy which would likely be smaller than my Elantra. Wednesday when I saw the Enterprise fella drive up in a cherry red VW beetle I thought to myself “NO WAY!” but took a deep breath. After signing the papers and going outside he asked me what type of car did I have in mind and I said whatever the ‘economy’ would get me for $27.45. He said he had about 4 cars there at the dealership or I could take the Bug. I told him I would rather drive ANYTHING besides that bright red dot. He went inside again to get some keys while I stood outside waiting. As I looked around I saw a little pick-up with extended cab and bed liner that had an Enterprise plate on it and thought to myself “Now THAT would be great!” thinking that I had until 12:00 noon to pick up the bookcase. He came back out and walked over and asked rather hesitantly “How would you feel about driving a truck?” Inside I was jumping up and down and doing back flips!!!! Praise God once again. I got the truck for the same price and was able to get the bookcase and not worry about driving to Fox River in the rain and wind. God is SO GOOD!!!

Friday, October 12, 2007

His Embrace

Sign of the Dove Ministries Uganda has opened His Embrace Children's Home for the orphans in and around Zana, UG. Erica Kaggwa, Pastor Daniel Kaggwa's wife, has told me they already have 14 children and over 500 registered. Here are some pictures of the children and also a copy of Erica's email regarding the work they have begun. I am so excited that we will be able to partner with them to help these children! Please keep them all in your prayers.

My dear sister,

The kids are fine, we have 14 children in the house which we are renting for the orphans, and pastor is working on the registration for the children. It takes a lot of time and money to do it, but he is a hard working man of God, trying to put everything together. They were brought from different districts and churches. Yesterday we bought for them sacks of food and we still need hundreds of kilograms of food to support. We bought some matresses for them and cooking pots and other neccesities.We recieved orphans funds from the SOD and this was a good begining for us.They are lovely childen who had never gone to school , most have lost both parents though some have one parent who cannot care for them. We have registerd over 500 orphans so far!

You will love them when you come in November and I know you will spend some good days with them. We have the youngest at three years old. She lost both parents and they died of AIDS and we don't know much about her life but I think we shall take her for a blood check up. Most of these children lost their parents through AIDS and they are very young , we shall take them for blood check ups.

They came with worms, we are asking the Lord to give me wisdom and enough support for them. They had giggers, in their fingers with big stomachs . I thank the Lord because He answerd my prayers. He has given me more compassion to help them, I need your prayers and I ask you to sell the vision to all the well wishers who are your freinds, workmate and family members.

I spend over 14 hours of my time with them at the house and we shall have good time with you and your children when you come. I thank you for the support of these innocent kids and may the Lord bless you soo sooo much.
love you and miss you.

Erica Kaggwa

Children eating maize

Erica and the Children

David, Age 7

Benson, Age 7

Vincent, Age 8

Praising in the House!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

"Motive" Police?

The new Defense Authorization bill with it's attached Hate Crimes provision that recently passed the Senate is a very scary reality and one to which most people are totally oblivious. The bill allows the government to subjectively police our thoughts and motivations. You may think that I am stretching things a bit far but if you look at how similar laws are already being enforced in Europe, Canada, Switzerland, and Australia you would come to the same conclusions. Click Here for more info.

To read the hate crimes provision click here.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Happy Birthday the Greatest Brother Ever!

Daniel Jeffery Lincoln

I have always admired you from the day they brought you home from the hospital in Kodiak. I thought that you were the cutest baby ever and was really quite jealous over all the attention that you were given. Until I realized you really were a BOY! Then I felt sorry for you because you had that thing sticking out of your belly. (it was gross!) Soon I discovered that you were really were pretty neat because when Mom was busy with you she generally forgot about me and since Debbie was in school already and I was not... I began feeling pretty independent with you around to be the 'baby'. Having a brother was wonderful again!

I remember playing on the teeter-totter with you and trying to figure out what we could stack on your end to make you heavy enough that you wouldn't fly off when I bounced you..

Playing with your super-wowie self-peddled car since your legs weren't quite long enough to reach the peddles.

Building forts with lincoln logs for your cars and trucks and teaching you all the important details of construction. Details you quickly destroyed with one big fling of your arms so you could show ME how it was supposed to be done.

I will never forget the day you ran away. I felt so bad and wanted to stop you but Mom said to just leave you alone you would never make it to the end of the driveway. She was right as usual. You made it as far as the alders at the edge of the yard. I watched you the whole time from the balcony window!

I remember feeling guilty that you had to be the cowboy so I could be the indian because I always thought that the cowboys were the bad guys to hurt the poor indians who had lived in our country first.

I remember playing london bridges with you and Debbie and we would lock you up and you could never get out until we felt so bad we had mercy on you.

I remember sledding down the hill with you for hours. You were the only one who would stick it out with me no matter what the weather or amount of daylight.

Watching you figure out things was amazing and always made me feel a tad inadequate. I prayed once that God would give me more 'common sense' like you had. Book learning was easy but common sense was foreign to me!

I could go on and on about the blessing you have been to me but for now just know this...

I love you with all my heart and wish you the best birthday to date!

Happy Birthday!!

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