Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Back from Branson

Well, I survived yet another week of 'vacation' and live to tell about it. The week was spent in Branson, Mo. where we were met with a cold front on our second day there. The condos were nice and clean and the setting perfect for me. ( I have a couple of pictures to post this weekend. ) We didn't do the touristy things keeping true to form, but we did check out the fish hatchery (our second one to visit this year!) and Jordan and Jennifer went fishing three times during the week. Jordan even brought home some trout for me to cook. (Too bad we didn't have anyone who wanted to try it.) They have hills there in Missouri and so I had some great runs and some sore runs too. I think I will have to go back for some training time in the future. Probably the most exciting part of our vacation was the family of kittens living under the brush near our condo. They nearly scared us to death before we realized that they were just strays. The kids thought they were raccoons, skunks or mountain lions.. They only showed up at night though and so when we walked between the two condos the kids kept seeing 'animals with longish tail and dark' which led to more investigation. We needed the time together and the area is a gorgeous example of God's creative beauty.

We arrived back in town around 2:00 am on Sunday the 20th and were at Church by 8:00 am. I learned Sunday that I was being requested to make the Mission trip to Uganda this coming January 22 thru February 4, 2006. I had been praying about it and hadn't really gotten a yea or nay and told my pastor that I was available as far as willingness to go, time off from work, and all the other physical and mental preparations went. I have always felt that God has called me to Missions but had settled in my mind that my Mission field is in my 'backyard' and that it didn't necessarily mean far away places. Anyway, the associate pastor in charge of the trip spoke with my senior pastor and he sent me this note: "Danae, I spoke with Pastor Harry and we do need you on this trip. You are a strong intercessor and can deliver words of encouragement to the woman in Africa." So, I am now praying that God opens the doors to fund the trip which will cost $2000 for each member of the team. The good thing is that I have total peace about it the bad thing is that I am horrible about asking people for support and fundraising. I am trusting God TOTALLY in this. : ) Isn't that what I am supposed to do anyway, in all things?? Boy am I slow sometimes!
More details to follow...

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