Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Let the baking begin..

Tonight the baking officially begins for the 'Holiday' season. My kids are convinced that it has already began since we have already been experimenting with Cream Puffs, Pumpkin Bars, Cookies, Brownies, Cakes, and Doughnuts... But they have no idea what is in store yet. I love winter baking!

Monday, November 23, 2009

I am listening to the song ‘God You Reign’ and my heart is just echoing the words. Forever and ever, God You reign! That is my hearts cry today. “Reign in my life Lord, reign in my storms, reign in my feasts and during my holidays; reign in my thoughts and in my heart whispers. If You are reigning then I am not. I desire for You to reign.”
Thank You Father for waking me this morning even though I may never know why or who I was interceding for, thank You for giving me that special time and for trusting me.

How did we come so far from the truths that guided and shaped this nation? How did we move from complete dependence on God, our Creator, to complete separation from God? Forgive us Father!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

In Everything... Give Thanks!

This morning as I looked at my Journal and saw several 'blank' pages I started to feel like I had failed somehow in 'keeping up'. See, my journal is not only for personal entries but is also for my prayers and devotionals so the blank pages were almost like looking at a sort of spiritual failure. I wondered for a moment if I could go back and fill the pages in to keep it from looking so barren. I quickly realized how typical that thought pattern is for me. If it is not "right", fix it! Well, the Holy Spirit gently reminded me that He did fix it! He gave me down time to get on with what He had called me to do during those periods of seemingly dry spells. I looked at the dates on either side of the blank pages and recalled some of the particulars associated with them and thought how much went on and how busy God was showing me in so many ways how much He loves me. I didn't need to write anything down because I was busy living it! I was seeing His hand on my life guiding and directing me from Illinois to Idaho, I was busy praying and groaning in the Spirit over things that only He knew how to address. Wow! In a moment I went to from a feeling of failure to awe at His graciousness to me. I am SO thankful that God doesn't give up on me and doesn't expect me to ever go back to the past and fill anything in.. His grace is sufficient! He has given me so many challenges and yet so many more blessings that my heart cannot be anything but thankful.

So right now here are some of the things that come to mind...

I am thankful for Tim Jackson's safe arrival home from Afghanistan.
I am so thankful for my dear friend Kendra and her godly example.
I am so thankful for my extended family and church family.
I am so thankful for smiles.
I am thankful for His Word and His presence.
I am thankful for laughter.
I am thankful for God's abundant mercy on my sisters.
I am thankful for my parents.
I am thankful for the beauty all around me.
I am thankful for choice, freedom, and opportunity.
I am thankful for blankets.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Revolve Tour in Portland, OR

Incredible experience to see 6,776 young girls and mothers, aunts, and grandmothers all gathered to grow in Christ! Even more incredible was counting the commitment cards and realizing that 15% of those young people made a first time commitment to Christ at the conference! I cried and I shouted for joy at how awesome God is and how blessed I am to even be able to be a part of something so much bigger than myself. I praise God for allowing me to serve and pray for those girls and women. There is no denying that when we focus on others we definitely find our priorities getting back into alignment with His.

Jennifer had a great time and really enjoyed the music, drama, and speakers and informed me that "We are DEFINITELY coming back next time!" I could only smile because if there is anything I have realized in my life it is the necessity to ensure my children have as much a grounding in their faith and as many resources available as they need to stay rooted in their own faith. My faith will never be enough for them, the storms of life are going to come, and life is not always fair, pretty, easy, or even logical. When bad things happen to good people they need to know Who to turn to, what to believe in, and where to go for help. Experiences like this weekend have opened many doors for Jennifer and I to communicate about issues she may not otherwise felt comfortable talking about. To say that I am thrilled is such an understatement.

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