Thursday, October 29, 2009

Good-bye Fall

So, November is around the corner, alright it is this Sunday. That is more like a heartbeat away. I have been at the new job for four months and the kids have been in school almost two months. Since my last post, Jordan has gotten over the H1N1 virus and has finished his flag football season. Jennifer has attended her first homecoming game and dance. I have attended my first Women’s retreat at our new church and helped to build my first bed. I will eventually post pictures but the paint is still drying so it’s not quite assembled yet. The kids and I are still in that ‘getting settled’ stage and I am not sure just how long it takes to move onto the next one but I really hope it isn’t too much longer. I haven’t been working out and that has definitely been a setback but I am working on some creative ways to get a workout routine fit into the commute, work, commute, family time and chores schedule.
Devotion time has even been suffering and I have determined not to let that continue another day. I cannot say that there is one specific thing that has set me back but it is mostly a combination of trying to get too much crammed into a day. I am glad that we are adjusting to the Daylight Saving Time this weekend as the days are getting so short and the nights so long. I praise God that His mercy is new every morning and He never slumbers nor sleeps. I love that I have awesome Christian radio to listen to every morning and afternoon while I drive and that God has continually shown me when I start to lose focus. I am so very blessed.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Well, Fall is definitely here and Winter is close behind. I drove to work on Monday to see snow in the hills right behind my workplce. I saw snow piled up on the hood of a car as it drove past too. Sandpoint is almost an hour north of Spirit Lake and it hasn't snowed here yet but it's coming. So far, life is good and I am daily reminded of how special I am to my Lord. He gives me more than I can absorb at some days. I am constantly awed at His grace, sovereignty, and love for me!

Jennifer is really keeping me on my toes with school and life changes but she is willing to heed the Lord's voice and is trying to make good choices. Jordan is feeling more comfortable with Flag Football and has 4 more games before they are done and I think it is a mixed blessing as the weather gets colder he is not as happy about being outside in shorts. He is doing great in school and is 'bored' as usual but I hope that he takes that boredom and focuses it on his spelling. He is really loving the time spent with his friend, Eli, and his cousin, Andy.

Here is a snapshot of Papa and Jennifer watching a funny on You Tube.

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