Monday, March 13, 2006

and time goes by....

That about sums it up. It has been a month since my last post and it seems like three months. The fact that I have been extremely busy doesn't really matter but it is the truth. In fact, I have been told that I must be too busy as I had to be taken to the Emergency Room on Saturday for fatigue and vertigo. OK, truth is I was constantly on the verge of passing out. However, after 8 sticks in my arms and countless blood tests, a CT scan and X-Rays.. the doctor said it must be exhaustion since everything seems to be in the normal range. There is one blood test still pending but I expect it to be normal as well. I have been so fatigued/tired for the past three weeks and thought I was anemic so started back on the iron tablets. I slowed down on the training for my Ironman and even started sleeping more. (Honest truth!) In fact, I started sleeping so much I was feeling downright lazy and sluggish. It hasn't helped with the fatigue though and so when the dizzy spells started last Thursday I got worried enough to call my doctor who said it was probably viral and give it a few days... Saturday I had a really bad attack of vertigo and nausea and called the doctor on call who said go the the ER and DO NOT wait until Monday. Now it is Monday and I am still tired, feeling run down, yet I haven't worked out in 5 days and have been sleeping 12-16 hours a day for three days. Well since I am normal and nothing is wrong with me, tomorrow I am back into training and I am going to just pray through it until something happens. God is bigger than my exhaustion, fatigue or whatever. Praise His name!

Kids are doing pretty good but really getting lazy too with Mom not feeling up to par I have let their schooling get sort of slack. Jordan has been working consistantly but Jennifer is a little less likely to be self motivated and so she is skating right now. They will get a surprise real soon. I am taking them in to Christian Liberty Academy for testing at the next session. : )

Val is excited as her medical card was finally approved and she is looking for apartments and scheduling doctor appointments that are LONG overdue.

Spring looks like it is finally on its way and the wind is howling. Praise God for His wonderful timing. I am so blessed and cannot thank Him enough for the wonderful friends, family and people He has put into my life. God is Awesome all the time!!

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