Saturday, September 19, 2009

I cannot make excuses for my absence. No internet tends to leave me not interested in typing about life. I haven't even been journaling or emailing. I have been praying and I am convinced that is the best communication I can have. Doesn't help much for friends and family who may be curious what has happened since we moved to the Northwest. So here goes a short photo recap since I was last on here.

Labor Day Camping Trip with family & friends:

Jordan's First Day of Fourth Grade:

Jennifer's First Day as a Freshman:

Upward Flag Football

Jordan took 2nd Place in his North Idaho State Fair entry in the Lego Division. (I didn't get pictures unfortunately. He also joined the Upward Flag Football team and has played in two games so far. He has been helping his Papa and cousin Emily build a doll house and has been helping Papa do all sorts of 'guy' things. Like using power tools!! I walked down to the shop the other night and there was Jordan using a grinder to unweld some wheels off a frame and spark were flying everywhere. I thought at first he was welding! After my heart stopped pounding, I watched in amazement as he and his Papa finished the task like they had been working together for years. Jordan also taught me how to ride the four wheeler and took me on an adventure through the woods. He is doing well in school and doesn't necessarily like it but has accepted it.

Jennifer on the other hand has blossomed and grown by leaps and bounds and has liked High School so far. She comes home bubbling every day and is taking Acting I as an elective. I knew she would love it and am so glad that she decided to take the class. She has been to her first High School Football Game and two soccer games. She wants to be involved and that is a long cry from a year ago. Oh, and she really enjoys her Youth Group (although I think I already mentioned that)and even attended a Girls Sleepover the Friday before school started. She is making friends and working hard at everything before her. I am so proud of her and the good choices she is making!!

I am trying to find out just how to make time for myself and still get things done and mostly trying to find time to workout. The weather is starting to change and soon the cold will make it very difficult to run or bike and so I am trying to get creative. I was spoiled at Motorola with the full gym onsite and the flexible schedule not to mention the short commute. I am not complaining just realizing how good I had it as far as work and workout scheduling go. I will take family over those things any day though. Tonight I had my brother and family over for dinner and it was so good to just sit, break bread and fellowship with those I love and have missed for so long. I wish we were even closer and not 20 some miles apart but when I consider how little I have seen them in the past 20 years the miles don't seem so great anymore. God is indeed gracious and good!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Better late than never..

August is here and more than half over. To everything there is a season. I wish there were a season that was running at about half-time. Slowed down, relaxed and at a pace that I can both breathe, grow, and process everything around me at the same time.

God is still faithful, still on His throne, and still holding me through every day. I see a theme here… still. I would not complain about a thing as we have spent the past several weeks building relationships with family, friends, and co-workers. I am getting prepared for the next phase that God has in store for us and for me especially. I want to grow and thrive and not simply exist here where He has planted us. I want to attain new levels of spiritual growth that causes those around me to be curious and seek Him more. Jennifer turned 14 this month and we celebrated with the family twice! It wasn’t really planned that way but it turned out to be wonderful. We had pizza and cupcakes at the house the Saturday before her birthday and then the night of her birthday I surprised her by taking her to Olive Garden and I made a ‘real’ birthday cake for her. We had the whole family there and Jennifer was so happy to have us all celebrating with her. She was blessed with greetings from friends and family from Alaska to Maine. I am so proud of my young lady who desires above all things to please God.

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