Sunday, September 25, 2011

Goodbye September, Hello Fall!

This seems to be the yardstick of my life lately. Months, Seasons, and Celebrations are what appear to be the way that life is measured. Whatever happened to minutes, hours and days???

In all seriousness, God has continually blessed and sustained us and it is not that I have nothing to blog about but rather have chosen to spend my 'free' time doing other things. Actually, free time is a misnomer and it is simply a matter of choosing not to do one thing over another. : )

School is going well for the kids and work is going great for me. We are very excited about where God continues to lead us as a family and grateful for where we have been. Life is a good busy with lots of silly moments thrown in. Start training this week for a long range goal of a 50M race next Spring. I have three races picked out and have not decided which one to enter yet. I will choose in December. I miss the 'training' that is part and parcel of racing. Kyra and Levi will keep me motivated along with the rest of the Jackson clan.

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