Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Happy Birthday to Us!!

Happy Birthday to Chena Litzen, Shalom Kaggwa and me!! Yes, we all share this very special day together and God must have thought we were all pretty special to give us this 28th of February to share. I do realize, of course, that there are others who we share this day with but right now those two precious little girls (Sorry Chena, when you are 40--10 IS little!) are the ones that I am choosing to celebrate with!!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Post Valentines Day

One of my prayer partners asked me this morning how I spent my Valentines Day and after thinking about how much I should tell her I decided to just bare my soul. Here is my Valentines Day highlight and you should feel special that I am sharing it here with you too.

I went to meet this extraordinary gentleman yesterday for a very close and personal encounter. He is handsome but that really had nothing to do with my accepting his date. We had just made the date the day before ( I know! very last minute) and I was not really prepared as I would have liked. I arrived a little early so I had to wait for him to finish working. But he was very sweet and got me settled in nice and cozy on this nice leather lounger that was oh so comfortable. Seriously, it reminded me of an expensive spa or the really nice stuff that is on display at Costco.

He apologized more than once for making me wait on him and asked how my day was going so far and I could tell he was really trying to make me relax. I am not real good at this kind of thing! So anyway, he had nice love music playing on the XFM through some nice Bose speakers and a really nice ambiance.
Just as I was to the point of being so relaxed I thought I would fall asleep he came back and started tickling me! Talk about getting fresh the old fashioned way with a 'pinch here and pinch there'. If it weren't for those deep blue eyes with kindness and honesty shining from them I think I may have decided I had enough. He is so sweet and caring though that I decided to go ahead and trust him.

Boy it went down hill fast!!!

Don't ever schedule a dental appointment on Valentines Day! One filling and a crown repair on my bridge-- an hour later with a mouth so sore that even if I had gotten any chocolate I couldn't enjoy it. I drove myself home. He (Dr Fulton Sr.) worked on upper and lower jaws so had to give me 'extra' Novacane that had me sleeping from 4:30 pm until 7am this morning! I didn't even feed my kids last night. Missed my devotions and prayer time and but a really great nights sleep..

Well it could have been a great story if it wasn't so true!

Friday, February 09, 2007

How Blessed I am today!

I will be turning 40 very soon... It is hard to think of my life as nearly half over (assuming God keeps me here for 80+ years) and I feel like it is just beginning. I am so blessed to know that my life is in His Hands and that no matter what the next breath brings I am walking right where He wants me to right NOW! Of course that does not change the fact that we would love to be living in Idaho nearer to our family there... We have chosen to be content where He has us.

I am so excited to be going on another mission trip next month. Yes, I am taking both kids with me this time to Mexico to the El Faro orphanage to work on building houses. Four houses in 4 days. Obviously we will have many others going too and in fact are joining the group my Dad goes with every year. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to show my children the mission field up close.

Took the kids and some friends to see Chris Tomlin last Saturday and I am still out there on Canis Major... You have to see him on the "How Great is Our God Tour" if you get the chance! It is such an awesome worship experience.

Yesterday afternoon we got some more snow and so the kids and I went sledding for just the second time this year.. Yippee!! I will post some pictures we took once I get the film developed.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

time flies

Boy does it seem like the more days I have under my belt (translated: older that I get) the faster time seems to go by. Seriously, I used to think that people who made that observation were just making excuses for not getting things done but there seems to be a lot of validity to the statement now that I am the one making it. (Isn’t it funny how that usually works?) Well, I am not going to make any excuses just stand behind my original statement. I could think of countless ones though and if you are really interested then send me a request and I will compile a list of the first 40.
[Note to others: Compiling list will necessitate the need for additional time in the already tight time dilemma.]

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