Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ready for some sunshine!

Well, for those of you who care to know what is going on with this family here is the latest:

We head to Nuevo Vallarta on Saturday for a week of family vacation with my brother and his family. We have wanted to go on a vacation together for a very long time but schedules and finances have always gotten in the way. We are staying at the Grand Mayan Palace and will enjoy the sunshine while we are able to since we haven't had much of it yet this year in the Pacific Northwest. LOL!

After we return the kids will be joining me in Hamilton, MT for the summer where we will be praying for God's direction as He leads us into the next adventure. My contract was cut short and so I will be praying for the next steps to be clearly directed. We will explore and fish as much of the area as we can and of course spend a lot of time in Spirit Lake/Post Falls area with family and enjoying the season passes to Silverwood that Grammy Elaine blessed us with!

I want to say that although I have gotten a lot of comments such as "I am so sorry that this happened" I have a total peace about our situation and lives. I am not stressed or worried but have an internal peace and have no doubt that God is still in control and He isn't surprised by the turn of events nor did He lead us to Montana without purpose. I am completely confident of some things.

1.) God doesn't make mistakes. (He can't!)
2.) God isn't surprised by anything He allows in my life.
3.) God opened the doors for us to go to Chicago, Spirit Lake, Hamilton & He will open the doors to where He is going to take us next.
4.) God will get the glory!

I am praying for a safe and fun summer for everyone!



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