Friday, July 27, 2007


Today I had a big one. My cast came off.

I thought I would be "all better" and that life would resume as 'normal'. I know many are thinking that normal and I don't belong in the same paragraph to start with! Well I at least thought that I would be able to have some freedom but what I have is more pain than I had to start with and less mobility. Oh, and a swollen, bruised wrist that can't even hold up my little purse or a 32 oz. cup of soda. I felt like crying when I left the doctors office and am still walking around in a daze wondering what I am going to do and how I am going to survive the next 6 months. Yes, that is how long my wonderful doctor Frank thinks it will take to heal.
He is disappointed in the pain and swelling too which didn't make me feel any better. Please keep me in your prayers as most of you know this is so hard for me and not having the cast on to protect my arm is like an accident waiting to happen. Trust me I have already screamed more than once as I tried to do something I shouldn't!!

I still trust Him completely.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

So much to catch up on.. We had an emerald Ameiva for 5.5 days before she died. Possibly from complications with the egging. Anyways, it hasn't been very cheerful for any of us. We all get pretty attached quickly and we were so looking forward to incubating the eggs. Time to rethink our next pet and right now we are leaning toward a crested gecko and praying that we can find the perfect pet for Jordan to have for a long time.

Last Thursday in the midst of our normal daily chaos we received a very pleasant call from Silverleaf Resorts with great news.. 3 nights at Fox River if we wanted to drive down that night. I answered immediately, "Yes!" We had so much on our 'schedule' but I realized in a heartbeat that we desperately needed the break as a family. With my broken arms and the heavy workload at home, work and church, the kids and I had very little down time to spend enjoying one another as a family. I made the necessary calls and we drove home, packed and hit the road. PRAISE GOD!!!!

It was a lovely, delightful, restful, and absolutely needed break for us! God is SOooo SO GOOD!!!

Now we are rushing to get things done for the upcoming Conference at Church and our guest who arrives tonight, Gloria Cooper. I am so excited and yet understand that it will be a hectic, busy, and challenging 10 days ahead of us. God has refreshed me and given me the courage to actually look forward to all He has for us!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I was thinking about all that has happened in our lives over the past four years and I realized that many things have been 'forgotten'. Well, temporarily at least.

I was talking with someone at work today and was sharing how Jordan bought a new lizard this past Saturday to replace Lizzy who died while he was in Idaho. I described how I tried to give Lizzy (Jordan's yellow plated lizard) chest compressions to revive her and how I put her in the wooden box Jordan had made at Home Depot for burial.
Well, during this conversation I realized that I hadn't journaled about the whole experience (broken arm excuse) and hadn't blogged about it either (same excuse). Then realized how many things in our daily adventures that are just memories and until something jogs those memories they lie there seemingly forgotten.

Then came the realization that although the memories may be pushed way into the dark recesses of our memory banks one day they will all be replayed. Good and bad. The day we stand before our Creator and Judge will be the day that every memory will be remembered and with it every motivation, decision and outcome will be charged to our account.
It won't be our version of reality either but will be remembered in light of the Truth. In other words, we often remember incidents through our personal 'filters' which may or may not be the true reality.

Well, for those who are interested we now have an Ameiva living with us who is pregnant and ready to lay her eggs soon. We don't know if they are fertile or not though.. Should have asked that obvious question when we bought her. Jordan went Saturday to the Reptile Swap and was thrilled with all of the 'critters' with the exception of the pinkie mice. He really wants a crested gecko and bearded dragon but for now we have settled with the Ameiva who can live with the skink, Small Fry. Celly, his Russian tortoise, has an outdoor enclosure for the rest of the summer and seems to be thriving with the new habitat. Soon we will be makeing her an indoor enclosure for the winter that is much bigger.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


These past five weeks have been very interesting for me. Not in the sense that I have been doing anything especially amazing, but in my limitations, what I have managed to examine about myself. If you are not one for introspectiveness then stop reading now.

I warned you.

Some things I have learned since breaking my left arm on May 30th:

• I do not like being dependent but I enjoy being taken care of. (Go figure!?)
• I get easily frustrated with my own limitations but not so easily with others.
• I don't like to ask for help but I have fewer issues accepting unsolicited help.
• My muscles in one arm tend to cause the muscles in the other to contract.
• Kids know how to take advantage of you to the nth degree.
• Sometimes drugs are good.
• Two broken arms provide a great excuse for many things. (Eating out, not doing dishes or laundry, not writing out bills, having a messy house, not brushing very well…)
• We should all learn to be ambidextrous so we can brush our teeth well with either hand.
• Showers are a luxury we take for granted.
• I am a compulsive list maker.
• I can survive without lists.
• God hears even when I am on Vicodin.
• Life is not as stressful when we are not thinking we are in control.
• Kids are the best for hugs!
• My children love me and think I am a good Mom. (Amazing what you hear when you are almost asleep!)
• God doesn't make mistakes. He can't--He is Perfect.
• I make a lot of mistakes. All my mistakes or poor choices are covered by His blood.
• It is hard to talk on the phone with broken arms.
• Reading is opening windows to the world.
• I cannot worry about tomorrow, nor today but only this moment.
• God is still molding me and the more pliable I become the easier it will be on both of us!
• God is so good to me!

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