Monday, March 19, 2007

Greetings from Spirit Lake, Idaho

I never cease to be amazed at how Awesome my God is and how much He loves me! As I sit here at the table and look out at the beautiful sunrise over the evergreens, I am awed at His handiwork and even more awed at how He continually blesses me and allows me to see Him at work. There was a time when I was too immature to see God working in my life and instead only saw what my eyes could see in the flesh. God is so GOOD!
We are leaving for Mexico on Thursday morning and will arrive at El Faro Orphanage at K-49 on Saturday. I have met the team from Hayden Lake and will meet the team from Silverton, OR and Eugene, OR on Friday when we meet up with them. I am praying that God will speak to me clearly on this trip and show me His plan for me regarding El Faro. My Dad has been sharing his heart with me and what he sees when he is there and it includes the children and I there on a long term mission. Since I have never visited El Faro, I take his 'unction' seriously and have given it to God in prayer. Until recently, I have not felt any prompting but now that I am content where I am it appears that I am more open to the Spirit's leading and really want to know God's heart in this. One thing over the past 29 years I have learned.. I don't want to take even one step without God or even outside of His direction. I am filled with anticipation and an eagerness yet sobered by the reality that sometimes His answer does not always come in our timing.

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